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The Inventys

Inventaverse 1.0, a TBA venture philanthropy fund, powers The Inventys at our Crystal Ball of Dodona center stage popup in NYC. Following Inventa's dual debut evolution, the annual showcase:

  1. Debuts social entrepreneurs to the Inventians Flock (in-person and livestreamed globally) to raise awareness, introducing them to our founder Rolodex for further funding.
  2. Invited exhibitors compete to be crowned one of five Golden Apples + the Impact of the Year Gold Medalist (judged by the Board of Trustees and STEM Advisory Board), following product, business model, and presentation advisory time given by Inventa in the flesh.
  3. Finally, our six crowned baby ducks are backed with a pre-seed check from Inventaverse 1.0 before flying the nest. 100% of tea leaves+ are re-invested to partially scale to Inventaverse 2.0.

Aphroda Golden Apples

  1. Best-In-Class Invention (advancement of classical concepts, i.e. cures to common, life-impacting diseases or disabilities: blindness, deafness, mutism, paralysis, developmental disabilities, Alzheimer’s, etc.)
  2. Mind-Blowing Invention (present-facing)
  3. Visionary Invention (future-forward)
  4. Wittiest Invention (most comical)
  5. Wildest Invention (next-level)

Inventa's Gold Medalist

  1. Impact of the Year


Gerson Lehrman Group (GLG)


Impact Jr. Board

Our Impact Jr. Board is currently open to vetted referrals/applicants with:
  1. a track record of mission-critical academic study, work, and/or social impact service; and
  2. value-add, cause support to bring to the table.

Nabila Okudo


STEM Advisory Board

Our annually-inducted STEM Advisory Board maintains an open election process for professionals with mission-critical, value-add expertise to bring to the table.

Marie Limoges, PhD RDN

Rita Loiotile, PhD


Board of Trustees

Our founder-selected Inventaverse Board of Trustees shortlist comprises souls in their next chapter (with a track record of tangible contributions to mission-critical industries/domains and proven, value-add talent). The TBA full board holds elected, renewable, 1Y-appointments, advancing our mission with expertise/connections where needed (fundamentally built for self-sustainability, we don't need outside capital, at least for v1.0). Prospects are welcome to build relationships with us.

CSR Criteria

With exception of 1) inventors curing common, life-impacting diseases or 2) Team Inventa alumni/PENNtrepreneurs advancing educational equilibrium + economic empowerment (E4) for homeless and/or +50% < poverty-level populations, we’ll showcase under-resourced citizens of the world dealt with any of the following card stack:

  • Born geographically disadvantaged (non-Western world, esp. war-torn economies, or rural America/inner-city where median annual household income <$30k during residency)
  • Immigrant/immigrant parent(s) from aforementioned countries
  • Orphaned by 18, and/or ward of the state in foster care during final 1Y+ as a minor
  • Homeless for <3mos. as a minor, and/or <$50k annual combined parental income during final 3Y+ as a minor (or equivalent ratio, adjusted for non-U.S. cost of living)
  • First-gen college student/alum at public institution only, only community college education to-date, or temporary college dropout due to jungle leaves
  • Age <23 with zero tech industry, business, or BigCo experience individually, nor in any living family

We believe everyone else (especially an inventor mind) has the adult guidance to pursue education and/or independent study, thereby leading to connections and Orthodox/Modern Orthodox funding means accessible to them.

Investing Mandates

  1. Mission-driven founder (impact-driven, not leaf-motivated), advancing educational equilibrium + economic empowerment (E4) for homeless and/or +50% < poverty-level populations
  2. Tangible invention (prototype, beta, or MVP) eligible for first-to-file patent, and/or first to market (no parrots)
  3. B-corp fundamentally built for self-sustainability post-initial investment round
  4. Dogooders Pledge to pay it forward to the founder Rolodex community, STEM industry, and/or humanity via intros or capital
  5. Blood oath to [shh...]

Exhibitor Applications TBA

Inventaverse Fdn

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Advancing Educational Equilibrium
+ Economic Empowerment (E4)

501(c)3 est. 2022 • EIN: 88-1216293

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Board of Trustees

Blyth van Dam
Founder and Chair

JFK Frazier
Interim Treasurer

E. Ellner
Interim Secretary