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Per the holding company website’s visualization (best on desktop), Inventa B-Corp (est. 2016) is the alter ego parent company of a black swan’s brainchildren: Audtra (IQ-mind in the sky wing est. 2016) + Aphroda (SQ-soul on Earth wing est. 2023), with Inventaverse Foundation (EQ-spirit at Zenith crown jewel est. 2022).

The sister wings are currently wholly-owned subsidiaries of Inventa B-Corp, led by 🖤🦢 Inventa herself (alongside baby ducks, Team Inventa). Audtrians + Aphroda Birds comprise the evolved minds + souls within the Inventians Flock.
Thanks for supporting our work—fundamentally built for self-sustainability, we don't need outside capital, at least for Inventaverse 1.0. To make an impact with us, we'd appreciate sharing our works, nominations for a role on one of three boards, or flying front-row with the flock (@Inventaverse) for 1.0 release announcement.
1. Our founder-selected Inventaverse Board of Trustees shortlist comprises souls in their next chapter (with a track record of tangible contributions to mission-critical industries/domains and proven, value-add talent). The TBA full board holds elected, renewable, 1Y-appointments, advancing our mission with expertise/connections where needed (fundamentally built for self-sustainability, we don't need outside capital, at least for v1.0). Prospects are welcome to build relationships with us.

2. Our annually-inducted STEM Advisory Board maintains an open election process for professionals with mission-critical, value-add expertise to bring to the table.

3. Our Impact Jr. Board is currently open to vetted referrals/applicants with: i) a track record of mission-critical academic study, work, and/or social impact service; and ii) value-add, cause support to bring to the table.

We remain heads-down building and uphold a generational, "don't speak to press" policy as professional private figures, believing the work speaks for itself.

Paper Airplane

Advancing Educational Equilibrium
+ Economic Empowerment (E4)

501(c)3 est. 2022 • EIN: 88-1216293

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Board of Trustees

Blyth van Dam
Founder and Chair

JFK Frazier
Interim Treasurer

E. Ellner
Interim Secretary